Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Hello friends!

I went cruising to Estonia city called Tallin. I went cruising on Saturday the 21 December.
And I came back to Stockholm on the 23 of December.
We have been cruising a lot. We have been 3 times to Helsinki with the cruise.
 Helsinki cruise is called Silja Line. But Tallin cruise is called Victoria Tallink.
We have been to Tallin 4 times.
And now it's going to be the 5 time. We have been to Riga 2 times.

   This is Silja Line.

This is the room that we are going to sleep.
My friend Juno and his family also came to Tallink
He has a small brother called marko.

In the cruse there is a playground for children.
You can paint your hand or your face if you want.
                                                    My little sister like to be a princess
                                                    This is me.

My sister carrying a baby doll.                                                          

When we got to Tallin we went to the old town.
There is a shop. Inside there was things from long time ago.
In Tallin we bought a pack of hard sugar inside
there was nuts. It was delicious!
Did you know that Tallin was colder then Stockholm?
It was much colder!

Then we went to a Christmas market.

In the market there was also reindeers.
In Tallin there are many big dolls like this.
They usually have them outside shops.

                                              There was a big strong sword.

                                           Then we went to a high building.

                                        It's also a long building.

                                                    This is how high it is.

   Then we went back to the cruise.
In the cruise close to the playground there was a mail box.
 You can write a letter to Santa clause!
  Danish and Juno wrote a letter to Santa.
  I wrote that I want a hello kitty neckles and  very cute.
    Hello kitty stickers. I didn't want to write like ipet because
     It's expensive and I don't think Santa will buy.
   after playing in the playground there was a place that
   you can decorate pepperkakkor. A santa woman
   gave me, Maritza, Danish, Juno, marko pepparkakkor
     shaped as a boat. I decorated. I wrote Tallink.
                                  This is the pepparkakkor that I made.
                                 This is me when I finished decorating.
                                            This is my sister finished decorating.
                                                              And my brother.

    Next morning when I woke up I saw a post in front of the mirror.
     There was a picture of Santa Clause.
   My brother and I opened it. There was writing from Santa!
   He said that he will  try to make our wishes come true.

  When we almost got back to Stockholm
    we took some pictures.

                                                          This is me.

                     This is my family and Juno's family.
                Juno is the orange jacket and Marko is in front of his dad.
                                     The wind is so strong! That we have to hold on!!!!!!


Hello again!

On the 24th of December I and my family and Juno's family went to Skansen.
Skansen is a place where animals live. like a zoo.
First in Skansen we went to a shop.

                                    This is me wearing a crown.
                       This is the shop. In the shop we bought candy.
                   This is me my dad danish Maritza sitting on a horse.
                   The horse is called Dalarna.

                                               This is my mom.
 There are cats in this room.
           One cat is on the sofa. But you can't really see it.
                                                     This is my sister sitting in the egg.
                                                                  My sister in the tree.
                                                     My sister sitting on a huge mouse.

                                           This is an elk.

                                       This is the fox.

                                                         In there theres 2 owls.
                                                But you can't really see because it's far.
                                                   This is the sea seal.
     Everybody was waiting because there will be a woman
      feeding the sea seals.

                                                     There is the woman feeding.


Hello friends!
I went to Architect museum.
Inside There was some real made pepparkakkor house.
It was cool!
                                                        This is a robot.
                                               This is the first place.
                                            The guy who made this wins.
                                              It is hard to make and it is cool!
                                                This is me and the heart.
This is the heart.
                                             This house is under the sea.

This is a foot ball field.
The people who are playing football are gummy bears!

                                                     I think this is very colorful.
                                                       I like the car.
                                              This is my sister looking to a house.
This is my favorite!

                                                              This looks like a tree.
                                                                A town?

                                                Cool! A ship!
                                            This one is also my favorite.


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