Monday, 30 June 2014

once upon a sea

Once upon a time there was a kingdom placed near by the sea.
The kingdom had a beautiful kind queen and a strong powerful king.
The queen was called Armina. And the king was called Zulvikar.
The kingdom is called Irendel.
Irendel is a peaceful kingdom. all the people in the kingdom is kind.
 the sky was always blue in the morming.
the sun shines like a beautiful star. and the color of the sea was always blue and shiny.
Queen Armina was pregnant.
3 months later the baby was borned.
it was a princess. the queen and the king named they're princess , Princess Ciara.
princess ciara's eyes was light blue like the color of the sea.
her hair was yellow and shiny like the sun.
princess Ciara is the beautifulest princess they'd ever seen.
But one night there was a creature sneaked into Ciara's bedroom
and the creature took princess Ciara to the sea.
but the king and the queen herd the sneak  of the creature and rushed
 to the creature to take they're princess back.
the creature was like a flying fish but the shape was so weird.
the king can't see it clearly because it was midnight.
the king fighted the creature with his mighty sword and all his strength to defeat the creature.
and he did.
the king was so worried about Ciara if the creature will take her that he made a huge
tall long wall between the sea and the kingdom.
this was a secret to princess Ciara.


The cute princess grew up and became a beautiful kind princess.
Everybody likes Princess Ciara.
But Princess Ciara had 1 problem she liked to find out.
the sea. she had dreams seeing a half human and a half fish.
she wondered how they looked like and how would they live under the sea.
princess Ciara also wondered what are they called.
in her bedroom she had drew lots and lots of half fish and half human.
so one day princess Ciara went to the sea and to find out.
but the king saw Ciara going near the wall and the king ran to Ciara and warned her.
for her punishment the king told her to be in her bedroom for 1 whole hour.
Princess Ciara was never allowed to go near that tall wall.

this is a sad story!!!!!!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

My First Fasting in Indonesia

Hello friends!
This is a story of my first fasting in Indonesia.
last year I did fasting in Sweden.
In Sweden the time we fast is around 19 and 20 hours because it's Summer.
But in Indonesia we have to fast for only 13 hours.

The day we fast is on sunday 29 June.
Before fasting I did sahur.
I woke up at 4 a.m.
I eat and drink so much before subuh, after I finished eating I went to the mosque and pray shubuh.
my brother is not here.
he is in the pesantren for 1 week!
he's gonna sleep there.
in there he's gonna be more good at reading Qur'an.
after I pray I went home .
this is just the beginning of my fasting!
I'l come back and tell you the other parts because now I wanna sleep.
now it's like 6 a.m. in the morning!

9.30 in the morning I woke up.
I decided to do some activities.
my first activity was praying dhuha, reading quran and making a card for danish.
I missed him so much!
the title of the card is HAPPY RAMADAN DANISH.
I made 2 cards for Danish.
I drew a picture of my family on the front of the card.
inside the card I drew mountains in Bogor.
I also drew a rainbow and wrote a little message for him.
                                                               My first card.

                                                           inside the card.

                                                           my second card is like a letter.

                                                          inside the letter.
my little sister made this card for mom and dad.
 I made this card for mom and dad.

After I made these cards I went to the mosque to pray maghrib with my family.
we also eat there because it's time to break our fast, then after isya we did Tarawih.


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