Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Comic

I made a comic book in my school 3en. My friends also made a comic book. My comic book is called Flower. It's about taking care of our planet. It's science. I will tell you the story I made.

One day there was a girl called Armina. She loved flowers. She picked some flowers in her garden. She said "Oh...I love these flowers." Then suddenly a flying big heart came to her and said
 "I need your help! A boy is picking all the flowers in Haga park. He does not care about flowers! and your the only one that can help. Come quickly to Haga park!"  So Armina did what the heart said.

Then Armina told to the boy "Why do you want to pick all the flowers?"  
"Because I don't like flowers and my name is Lou" said the boy.

"Hi Lou, did you know that without flowers humans could not live. Even you!" said Armina. 
"Really?" said Lou. 

"Yes, because bees and butterflies get food from flowers, and other animals eat bees. So if there is no honey bees and butterflies could not live. They will all die. So if you want to do that everyone will die. It is a food chain. If one of the animal or plant die in the food chain, then all of us will die. So it is better if you don't pick flowers and let them die." said Armina.

"Ok I will plant flowers again but I need your help. Can you help me?" said Lou.
"Of course" said Armina. So then they planted seeds.
"Oh thanks" said the flying big heart to Armina.

                                                            THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween Disco

At my class there is a halloween disco.
In Friday 25th october.
I  don't have a costume so I make a costume.
I will be a black and white cat.
I will make a chain for the tail.
And I will paint my face like a cat.w
I will wear normal clothes.
I borrowed a witch hat from the class
I'm a witch cat. There was 4 people dressed up like cats.
my friend Hosna she also doesn't have a costume so
she made a hat and painted her face like a bat.
Then there was my friend Doris
she also didn't have a costume so he was a grape.
She put many black balloons in her sweater
and a hat with leafs on it. She was actually
a big huge fat grape. everyone said her costume was awesome.Mr Wilkinson's son called Benjamin he also came to our class and party. Mr wilkinson paint Benjamin's face red and black. Then we had brake time, the other children from other grades looked at us and just looking and talking. Then I and My friends did trick or treat to the children and adults.
Then we went back up stairs. We went to different grades for doing
something different. In my class we played a game that if the music stopes we
have to find a pillow and sit. The 4th grade Swedish the teacher showed us a scary film.
Doris has to sit on the back because her costume is too big to sit on the front.
But for me it was not scary at all. In 5th grade swedish teacher read us a vampire
story. Benjamin also went with us. Doris again shoed sit on the back. The 6th grade teacher taught us a game called killer game.It was quite fun. Then we went to the 5th grade english class. The teacher gives us a paper that is a ghost and we shoed cut it out. But Doris she cannot sit on the chairs because her costume was too fat so she has to sit on the floor and cut.
Then we had to go to lunch. doris gave up so she put her costume off.
And she cannot eat with her costume. Doris told me that I took too much for Halloween.
Then we had lunch brake time. We played killer ball. Benjamin also played killer ball.
We pretend that he was the winner. Because he was little and cute. But he's a boy.
He is not shy at all. When the brake was over we did a game that was similar to
pinch the tail on the pony. There was a big picture of a witch.
We had like kind of glue tag and if you put it to the witch's nose you will win.
The teacher will spin you around and he will put a scarf to cover your eyes.
I didn't win. I put the glue tag on the newsletter. I didn't put it on the picture.
Then we had a disco! I and my friends danced. And there was a lot of sweets and ice cream.
I bring 2 ice creams. And 2 pack of chocolate balls. Every student bring more than food.
We had 1 pack of big marshmallows and 1 pack of small marshmallows.
There are lots of candy. There is Haribo. There is 5 ice cream boxes.
And 4 packs of chips. This day we have no lessons. We had a disco. We also have cookies.
We had 5 packs of cookies. Sofia's mom made a little cakes and she decorate it like witches fingers. I didn't want to eat it. I was scared. I know it was just a little cake but I still did not want to.  I ate a little of all of them.It was yummy. Except the witches finger.
The teacher has a disco ball. Mr Wilkinson puts on songs. Then we danced.
We also did limbo. Chisato was the winner. She is good at limbo.
I and saga stand on the table and dance. It was so fun. I was sweat all over my neck.
I was a bit tired. My favorite song is I knew you were trouble and dynamite.
Many students went home. Then the disco was finished. I and my other friends helped the
teacher to clean the class room up. When when I almost went home Mr Wilkinson gave me Chisato's hat to me so I can give the hat to Chisato. When I went home I saw in the classes blog
that there were lots of students forgot their things. Because they were having fun so they
forgot their things. I don't celebrate Halloween. I'm a muslim.

                  Bye! see you later my friends!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Hi! These are my class photos.
This is Mr Wilkinson's photo.
It was sport day. We went to haga park and do some orienteering.
We also played sports.

This is Mr Wilinson's photo
My class also goes swimming. before we go to swimming there is a close playground
so we went there and played. 

This is my 4en timetables
This is Mr Wilkinson's photo.

This is the class photo. There is 19 students in my class.

If you want  to see more about my activities in school, you can go to Mr Wilkinson's blog.

After UN DAY is pot luck dinner!

Hi friends!

Ass you know after UN DAY is pot luck dinner.
In my school there will be a pot luck dinner.
It will start at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
People bring food from their country.
Like my friend saga she is from Japan and she bring sushi.
I saw many friends.
Me and my friends danced on the stage.
Someone played a song on the stage.
My mom bring Fried bananas.
I ate a lot of food. The food was yummy.

It was fun playing with my friends.
The boys also came. We also played with the boys.
One of the boys in my class called Sai
he got a new phone. So me and my friends played a game on
his phone. But we just did 1 game. Then we danced
and ate our food. On the stage when the
man was finished singing, my teacher put on a video on the
stage about the UN DAY. I saw my dance in the video.
Many small children like my sister went on the stage so
the principal said please take the children a bit away
from the stage. Then it was almost 8 night.
so I went home. I had a lot of fun.

                                Bye see you! By aisya

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hi guys!

welcome back!
On Thursday october 24th it is UN DAY.
In my school we can dance on the stage.
Like last year I danced and I also put it in my blog.
Today I and my class danced.
We danced the song of I'm on top of the world.
We made our own dance.
I have a friend called Sofia. She is a new student and
she is very good at dancing.
She went to a dancing competition and she win the 3rd place.
She got a lot of ideas.
Everyone got good ideas. All the boys
does not want to dance so the teacher had an idea.
There will be workers in front of the stage.
They will built a word called on top of the world.
And they won't dance.
But we only need 4 people.
All the boys raise up their hands to be a worker.
the teacher chose Murhaf, Druba,Sai and Jonatan.
The rest of the boys has saying ooooooooo..............
They want to be the workers but the teacher already chosed.
This is the song and video.
We made hearts for showing If you love somebody.
And we made a world and the back of it there will be a smily
Before we danced my friends was very nerves.
They always hoped that is not our turn.
But I was not nerves.
I was ecxited. I always want to be our turn.
At the end we throw our smily face and heart to the audience.
My brother has a smily face.
My friend Doris throw it to my brother.
The UN DAY was short.
Last year was much longer.
We were dancing the last.

When the dance was finished my brother carried the Indonesian flag.
Because we come from Indonesia.

The teacher said that lots of people told him that
they liked our dance the best.
We are proud of ourself.
My friend Ariana her mom said to me that She really liked our dance.

        Bye! See you next time!


Grona Lund

I went to Grona Lund on 28th of September.
My uncle is so kind that he paid me and my family to go to Grona Lund.
28th of September is last day of Grona Lund.
In Winter, grona lund closes.
But in Spring it will open again.
The last  day was a special day.
The normal days are that you have to pay to go inside and you have to pay
to go on a ride. It was very expensif.
The last day is that you only have to pay to go inside.
Then you can take any ride. But some rides you need to pay.

My friend Ylfa also went to Grona Lund.
The first ride we took was the Lyrtan.

It goes up and down. It was very fun and it tickles my tummy.
I went there with my brother.
Then we took the insane roller-coaster.

I screamed when I saw that I was very high.
But just once. Then when it started to spin, I didn't scream at all.
I was holding very tight. It was scary.
My brother was next to me. My dad did not want to try cause he's scared.
The next thing we do is the bumping cars.
It was so bumpy. I like it.
Then we ride on the Vilda musen.
It is a roller coaster that only goes up and down.
It goes very high then it goes down.
 The next thing we do is the Kvasten.
It is a roller coster of withes.
It was really fun. it is high.
Then I and my father and my brother went to eat and rest.
There was a ghost house. I wan't to go there but I was a little scared so I went there with my dad and my brother. It is not a roller just have to walk in the house. But there was scary things.
But I know it is not real. So the next thing we went is the skrattkammaren.
Inside there was just a mirror that made yo different and funny.
i went there with Ylfa. then Ylfa me and my brother and dad went to the villa musen again.
When we went to the roller coster and it went down, a camera took a picture.
my father bought  it. Then Only me and Ylfa went to the eclipse.
When we were in the line many people came in the line. So I could not tell the my dad and my
brother that i'm here. Eclipse is the most highest star flyer in the world.
The line was so long that it took us 1 hour to wait.
Then it was our turn to ride. It was so cool! I can see all of grona lund.
I was very high! but it was cold. But it's fun!
My brother took the small eclipse.
I and my friends and brother went on almost all the rides that I can't tell you all of them.
I went like 18 rides or 17 rides.                              
My sister went to the smaller rides for small children.
The 4rd last ride we took was the octopus.
The octopus spins us very fast but you won't get dizzy!
It will be very fun!
Then my dad bought me and my brother 1 cotton candy.
And my sister 1 cotton candy. I and my brother share.
But we finish really fast so when my sister is not looking
I take a little bit of the candy. It is already 7 p.m.
we have to go home.  But my dad allow me to just take the ladybird ride.
So I did. It was a little fun because it was short and not so fast. It was for small children.
 Then I went to a cup. the cup will spin you around.
Then I went to the merry round. The place is all rides for small children.
The bigger rides is the other side.
The last ride I took was the train. It is kind of a roller coaster.
Then I went back home.

             Bye! Se you later!

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Hi everybody!

In spring, there was a festival in a park.
The park is called Kungstengarden.
The festival was about Japan.
There was japanese people doing karate.
There was ladies dancing japanese dance.
And a japanese man made a lot of different things and animals with
origami papers to show us.
They paint japanese words in a paper and sale them so
people wan't to buy.
I and my family sit down to watch the japanese dance.
at the end of the dance there was people wearing characters from japan like Mario,
Luigi, princess peach,baby peach, Hello kitty and more.
After we saw a place that you can wear a kimono.
So I and mother went there.
there was a small line.
Then it was my turn. 2 japanese ladies helped me how to wear it.
It was hard to wear. But I like to wear the kimono.
The kimono was pretty. My mother took a picture at the front and at the back.


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