Saturday, 25 January 2014


Nice to see you again friends!!!!!!
Did you know that I can swim???!!
I can swim 2 laps without stopping.
My father put me and danish to a swimming class.
every tuesday i swim.
I learned swimming for 8 lessons.
In the swimming pool there is a very small pool for babies to play.
The medium pool for learning how to swim.
The deep pool is for the ones who knows how to swim.
Everyone in my group is in the deep pool.
Well my brother needs to learn a little more.
The deep pool at the end it is 4 meters down.
I really like swimming.
In the last lesson everyone in my group got a diploma for

IN my class there is also swimming class.
I learn how to swim with my friends.

I swim every Thursday.

Once the teacher told me and my friends to do 8 laps without stopping.
in the 4th  I was very very tired!!!!!!
On day there was a swimming test.
We have to swim 12 or 10 laps.
I forgot. I was the second last who finished the test.
But I past the test!!!!!!!
I got a water drop drawing.
but I lost it.
Well that is sad.

bye!!!!! I hope you can swim! And if you can't , I'm sure
In the future you will be able to swim!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Gita Gutawa dan Judika

Hallo teman teman!
Aisya ketemu Gita Gutawa dan Judika di Stockholm, Swedia!

Aku kasih Gita gantungan kunci.
Ada gambar Aisya dan ada email sama blog Aisya.
Aisya juga kasih Gita Gutawa 2 coklat.

Gita Gutawa kasih aisya 2 CD dan ada tanda tangan Gita Gutawa.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Viking Line Mariella

I again went cruising!
But this time we are not going to Tallin, were going to Finland city called Helsinki.
We never went to Helsinki with Viking Line. But now we did.
There is lots of viking lines. And they all go to different places.
                                                            This is Viking Line
Viking Line Mariella goes to Finland. Cruising takes 3 days and 2 nights.
The first time I saw Viking Line it was really small.
I thought it is going to be very boring. Then we went inside the cruise.

When we got to our cabin there was no TV!
Usually in the cruise there is a small TV. But in this cruise there was no TV!
Me my father and my brother said that it is going to be boring without a TV!
After a while we went to look around the cruise. My Dad found a playground.
So we played there. after one hour there was an hullahup race.
my sister lost in the first round. My brother lost in the third round.
And I won! i completed all the rounds.
in the last round I was racing with a boy!!!!
in the middle of the game,when I was still hullahuping I lost control.
Just at that time the boy's hullahup that was racing with me fell down!!!!!!!
So I won! I got a santa bag with candies inside, and
a band for your hair. the one who lost got a band too.
After that race there was a balance competition.
I lost in like 4 seconds. I and my sister got a pink balloon.
My brother got a blue balloon.
After we took a break. we went to a shop and took some pictures
with simpson and a cat, witch I don't know the name of the cat.
In the next day there was more compotitions that I'm tired
to tell you guys.

So do you have a good time???
I hope so! bye guys!!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New years eve in Sweden

At December 31 I and my family stayed awake until 12.
My sister slept for 4 hours before 12.
So my sister is not sleepy when we wait.
While were waiting we watched a movie called Everyone's Hero.
At 11:30 My family went to the city with a car.
There was lots of people and cars.
When we got to the city we wait until 12.
When it was 12 , lots and lots of fireworks came.
The sound was so loud!   Now it's 2014!
Usually we stay at home and we see fireworks in our balcony.
But now we borrowed a car so we went to the city.

                                                          This one is a colorful one.

                                                 This one is a big one.

                                                          They're going to light up a lampion.

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