Friday, 30 May 2014


 let it flow

let it go chipmunk

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Drawing and coloring competition

Hello guys!
In my school there was a drawing competition.
I joined the competition on Friday.
We had to bring color pencils or crayons.
Then they will give us a paper and there is a picture of a girl and a cow.
We can draw anything we want on the background.
I drew a tree, clouds, a swing , fens.
Then I colored my pictures with my crayons.
When I finished my picture I gave it to the lady.
Then when everyone was finished we had some games.        
The lady will ask questions and if we answer right we will have 2 milk chocolates .
But I didn't get the milk.
The jury are some teachers in the school.
Now we'll see who's the winner.
The 1-3winner will get a cup.
The 3rd winner is my friend in my class.
Her name is Monic.
The 1 and the 2 winner is in 4grade.
I didn't win.
But I did a good job!


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