Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Hi friends!
one day when I was in Indonesia I said that I want to try
how flood is like .
Is it fun? is it dirty?
The next Day at 6 a.m. it was really rainy  hard outside.
A few minutes later it was starting to make a flood.
And I had to go to school.
So My father and my brother went to school with a motor.
Then My father went back to take me to school.
I had to hold an umbrella so I won't be wet.
The flood went deeper and deeper.
The flood went until my leg. This is me going home from school with my friends.

When school finished The flood went deeper.
I thought flood would be fun but it wasn't.
You can't play with your friends outside and everytime you
walk to the flood later you always need to wash your foot.
Because then there will be bacteria in your foot.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Aya , Akram , Aziz

 Aya Akram and Aziz are my friends in Sweden.
they come from Indonesia.
Aya is a girl and akram and aziz is a boy
Akram and aziz are brothers.
Akram is 11 years old and Aziz is 5 years old.
Aya is 7 years old.
Aya and akram and aziz is my best friends.
when i was almost going to the airport to Indonesia I gave
Aya 2 magnet with a picture of akram aziz and Aya and me.
I also gave her a key ring with my picture in it.
i gave the same thing to akram and aziz.
Aya gave me a necklace.
I have a half heart necklace and Aya has the
other part of the heart.
my heart says best and her heart says friends.
I really miss them.

This is special card for Aya from me.
Tis is a picture of me and Aya

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Hello guys!
this is a good movie it is new.
i have watched it in google

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The last day in rodabergskolan

Hi friends!!!
I'm going back Indonesia in 26th of January.
The last day in Rodabergskolan is Friday.
Rodaabergskolan is my school.
everyone has to bring food.
I bring 4chips. Someone bring 2 chips. Everyone has to bring food or drink.In the last day of school for me ,my class made a disco for me.
Carmen bring 2packs of jelly beans.
sai bring 2packs of ice cream.
Chisato made cookies.
Saga bring small marshmallows.
And much other stuff my friends
          I made this for mr wilkinson
          he is  my other teacher

my class has also a blog.
but my teacher write it in.
if you want to see pictures of my last day, you can see 4en blog.
The wonderful world of 4en, that is the blog. The title in the 4en blog of my last day is farewell Aisya.
Ms price is the last picture with pretty blond hair.
these are my friends in 4en


Chisato        =  Japan
Carmella      = China
Carmen        = America
Natalia         = Poland
Naomi          = India
Dominika     = Slovakia
Doris            = Albaynia
Keerthi         = India
Arushi          = India
Saga             = Japan and sweden
Sofia             = Slovakia
maya            = London and America
Maria            = portugal

Chisato is my best friend.
Maria reads lots of times
carmen has 2 cute kittens.

Max    = Poland
Alain   = america
Ivan     = Filiphine and Syria
Murhaf = Syria
Druba   = Bandladish
Turya    = Bangladish
Atharva  = India
Sai         = India
Boghus  = Syria
Jonotan  = finland

Murhaf is a very nice and kind boy.
Atharva is a very funny joker.
Druba and Turya are twins.

Boghos gave me miky mouse girl doll.
Chisato gave me a hello kitty pen and in the side there was
sweet clay she made and ice creek she made fom clay.
Dominika gave me a bear chocolate which I think it's yummy.
Natalia gave me  a bunny doll and card one of the cards she drew
a very beautiful bunny.
Murhaf drew a picture in the sea where there are lots of boats.
Doris gave me a bid made out of paper.
Sofia gave me a heart necklace.

Ms Price gave me 3 notebooks each of those books have  little speeches.
She also gave me crayon box.

I gave my friends keyring.
in the keyring there is my picture in it.
Now I am in Indonesia .
I really miss you guys!!!

This is my teacher. Ms Price.

Monday, 3 February 2014


Aisya is a kind and funny girl
In her school she helps her friends and help new students
She is smart, clever and beautiful
You will want to see her
And she will make you laugh and be smart

The first letter is a letter from the name witch we are taking about
And the name is Aisya
and it is a bout me! Aisya

4en is the name of my class
Everyone is kind and helpful
Nobody is naughty in my class

We are talking about 4en, my class

My teacher is ms price and mr wilkinson
I really missed  you guys
Sometimes I dream about you and my friends
See the light of day

We are talking about miss
I moved back to Indonesia and I missed my teachers and friends


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