Friday, 26 October 2012

United Nation Celebration

There is a festival. You can dance but you chose a dance from your own country.
I chose an umbrella dance.I dance with my brother Danish and my friend Kevin.
I dance with the scarf and the boys dance with an umbrella.
On October 24 it was a special day because it was the UN day!
I and the boys are gonna dance in the stadium.
The boys are shay but i'm little shy.We all did a supper nice dance.everyone was giving an applause to me Kevin and Danish.It was supper fun!
after we finish the dance I and my friends carried our own flag county.
After that we can go home but if you don't wan't to go home you can stay in the class because
there is lesson.the lesson is only coloring.only 5 minutes we colored.Then we watched a movie.
I had so much fun! And 1 more day it is Autumn Holliday!


 This is my teacher.Teacher Barbara.We were in second grade.

This is my class.I have a best friend called Aarya.There is 18 chilldren in the class.There are many girls then boys.

I also go to gym.The teacher learn us sports and play games.My teachers name is teacher Ari.I love to go to gym because in gym we normally play games.


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