Friday, 28 March 2014

My friends in indonesia

hello my friends!
In Indonesia  I play with my neighbors outside after school.
in sweden it's different.
you don't go out to play like everyday.
we stay at our house and do our home work.
I call my neighbors my best friends.
my best friends are
nabila  = 2 grade
niko     = 5 grade
sahlah  = 6 grade
aska     = 4 years old
danish   = 4 grade
aisya      = 5 grade
maritza    = 4 years old

I'm in the same class as Niko.
we usualy play skipping , hide and seek and plots squad.
we also go to our friends house.
Naila is also in my group of best friends.
Naila is my cousin.
We made a hand clap.

I also have three best friends in class.
They are Deva , Indah dan Fithri.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

jenis jenis racun merokok

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pohon kelapa

pohon kelapa pohonya tinggi
daunya panjang berwarna hijau
daunya bisa dibuat sapu lidi
buahnya berbentuk bulat
buahnya disebut buah kelapa

kelinci hidup di darat
jalanya melompat lompat
hidungnya selslu bergerak gerak
telinganya lebar
wortel makanan kesukaanya

malas mandi
malam itu andi tidak bisa tidur
andi terus menggaruk garuk badanya
sekujur badan andi gatal gatal
andi jarang membersihkan kamar
di kamarnya banyak sampah
sarung bantalnya jarang dicuci
ibunya memberi obat gatal
pagi hari andi rasa gatal and hilang
andi segara mandi
andi berjanji akan rajin
andi akan jaga kebersihan

aku punya syap
aku bisa terbang
jika terbang aku berbunyi
aku mengumpulkan madu di sarang

pohon melatri pohonya pendek
pohon melati berdaun kecil
bunganya berwarna puti8h
bunganya berbau harum

ini aku bikin sendiri

aku cantik dan pintar
suka mengajar
aku disukai pada murit murit
dan paling hebat di sekolah.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

School in Indonesia

Hello friends!
I started going to school in Indonesia.
I didn't cry when I'm in class.
My mother and my aunt just stayed in the class  for 10 minutes
and then left me in class.
Math was really hard at the fist time but if you learn hard like
me you would be  think it will be a little easy.
This is me and my friends.
Niko and Sahlah.

In indonesia The math is harder than in Sweden.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I Miss My Dad

Hello friends!
This story is a true story that I made in Sweden.

This morning was a cold day.
The temperature is 12. It was misty outside.
I was lying on my bed thinking about my dad.
I haven't seen my dad in 3 weeks.
I was sad and the house was quite without him.
My mom and my sister was sleeping next to me.
my dad is in Meccah for hajj.
But when I washed my face, I remembered something happy was
going to happen. Today was Thursday and on Friday morning I remembered that
my father is coming back.
I was very happy.
I can't wait to see my dad.
I have to do my homework first so i can play with my dad.
At the evening it was dark.
I can't even see the clouds.
I helped my mom clean up bedroom. My bed room is a mess.
My sister spread out papers, dolls,toys and beads all over the floor.
So I cleaned all the mess.
I don't want my dad to see my bedroom a mess.
When the house was clean, my mom told me to sleep.
But I don't want to sleep at all.
I want to wait so I can see my dad fast.
Minutes past by.
I was getting tired and tired.
So decided to sleep.
When I lied on my bed I was fast asleep.
I wake up early in the morning.
everyone was sleeping except me.
I remind about my mom saying that dad will come in the morning.
So I rushed into my parents bedroom, I knocked the door.
There was some one sleeping next to my mom.
I think It's my dad but I'm not sure.
Because it was dark so I can't see clearly.
so i said dad?
then the face of the person looked at me and said Aisya?
Dad! i ran to my dad and hugged him.
Then my brother was standing at the door .
Joining with your family is more important than anything!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hello friends!
in indonesia I went to a cool and big Zoo called Safari.
My grand parents also came with us to Safari.
You must go to safari with a car because The animals like bears and tigers will be outside and we
will be taking pictures in our car.
You can give some animals carrot who can eat carrot.
But We forgot to buy carrot before we came in safari.
If the animal is wild like bears you are not allowed to open your wind

Watching animals in our car.
                                                      This is a big brown bear
                                         This cute bear is taking a bath!!! how funny!
                                               This tiger has stripes.
                                         These tigers have no stripes.They are light brown

                                           Chimpansees can climb trees really well.
                                             Wow!!!  This jaguar's skin is so beautiful!!
                                               Komodo Dragons!! I LOVE Komodo Dragons.
                                            In class once I did a project of Komodo dragons.
                                              This is a huge Rino!!!!
                                What a funny camel. Camels can be not thirsty for a long time!!
                                             Giraffes Have long necks!! my sister really likes giraffes.
                                                She can draw them.
                                         And my sister loves zebras! They're stripes are cool!

Watching The dolphins swim.

This woman is giving fish to these 2 cute dolphins!

                                              Dolphins can jump really high! They're amazing!

 If  you want the dolphin to kiss you or you hug the dolphin you have to pay.
I chose the dolphin to kiss me!
                                                    This is my brother!
                                                   This is my sister and my dad.

Watching a show.

                                                   One day There was 2 woodcutters.
                                              They cut all the trees in the forest.
                                               The animals did not like that.
                                              Then a man came. He saw no trees at all.
 So he started to plant trees. The gorillas and other animals helped him plant the trees too.
every day they gave the plants water. The man hid all the woodcutters things.
then when the woodcutters came the animals and the man came to stop them for cutting trees.
The gorilla hit the woodcutters with a stick and the man tie them with a rope.
When the show finished If you want to get a sticker fro the parrot you have to pay.
                 then a parrot will fly to your hand and give the sticker and the parrot will take the money
 Under the bridge there are huge crocodiles.

This is me hugging a cute baby tiger.
But the baby tiger is asleep.
There are also mother tiger but I was scared to touch it.

 This is my brother with a baby lion.

watching the bird show.

There was different birds flying.
But some of the birds are lazy to fly and do the show.
a man chosed 2 grownups to go up the stage.
He chosed my father and a woman.
a large eagle flied to my fathers hand. He said it was heavy.
Bt the large eagle did not want to fly to the woman's hand.
my dad was lucky.
watching the tiger show.
this white tiger is 16 years old. she was born in india.
she can jump rock to rock.

                                           We watched a indiana johns show.
                                           The man with the pink shirt he was very funny!

Saturday, 1 March 2014


I really miss snow when i went back to indonesia.

this is me my brother and my sister in sweden when it was still snowing

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