Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ocean Park

At tuesday 2th of june I and my course went to ocean park.
but my other friends who is not from my course can go to.
my tutor also came with us. we went there with a bus.
I and my friends went to the bus at 9 o'clock . when we went there
I , Manda , Tasya , and manda's little sister 'dibha'  went to
a pool that was deep. then we ride a slide .

the slide was not so scary. then i and tasya went to play on the trampoline.
it was so scary if you go up and down.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Holiday In Bandung

Friday , 29 May 2015 at 06:00 I and my family went to Bandung.
I went there with mom ,dad, Zhafran ,Maritza, Danish.
We went there with a car . at 11:00 we put our things in the hotel.
The hotel is called ibis. At 12:00 my mother's friend , tante Lifa asked my
mother to go to a mall called paris pan java.
Tante Lifa has 2 children called arfan and aira .Tante Lifa bought us food.
I ate batagor and drunk milkshake. It was so delicious!
My father didn't join us because he has a job to do in Bandung.
After eating i prayed in the mosque. After praying I and Danish
went ice skating. While we are ice skating tante Lifa , mom ,
Maritza , Zhafran , aira were playing in a playground.

After playing and ice skating we went to tante Lifa's house.
My dad come tojoin the fun because his job is done.
Then my father's friends , om ical and tant kiky and their kids
came to tante Lifa's house to join the fun. We ate chicken , donuts and cakwe.
I had lots of fun! When it's 21:00 tante kiky asked to have dinner in
a restaurant called the plazza. They bought us pizza and milkshake.

After eating we went back to the hotel and slept.
The next morning at 07:00 we went to tangkuban parahu.
These are the pictures of me in the tangkuban parahu.

Then we went to the floating market.
We bought a potato.
Then we went back to Jakarta

Saturday, 6 June 2015

play back show

Hi !
these are my friends in Sweden .
they are having a play back show!
if you want to see my Sweden class ' s blog
go to thewonderfullworldof5en!!!!!!

Friday, 5 June 2015

My BFF!!!!!!!!

my bff ( best friends for ever) are =
tasya , monic , alya , manda.
 pictures of me and my friends

                                  this is manda                  me                tasya

                                                     me                          vinie

                                         Tasya , Monic , hana , me , alya , vinie .


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