Friday, 29 November 2013

4en Master Cars

Hi guys!

In my class we made a vehicle.
We were doing an experiment with our vehicle.
We all have a partner. My partner is Boghos.

I and Boghos made this vehicle.
                            This is how it looks from the top!

                       My friends Sai and Dominika made this.
Chisato and Atharva made this vehicle.
This is Atharva. Chisato is next to him.

  Their vehicle looks like a japanese car.

                 Natalia and Keerthi made this vehicle.

                  It looks like a helicopter.

 Saga and Joonatan made this vehicle.

In my class we were testing how our vehicle goes slow.
The slowest vehicle wins. It has to go more than 4 seconds.
We put 2 blocks on our vehicle and there is a string that connects to 3 small metals.
We have to make our own vehicle and add as much things as we can to make it heavy.
After we done the testing, we are going to draw our own vehicle.

This picture is an example.

Last lesson we did the opposite.
We should make our vehicle fast.
Sai and Dominika Was the winner.
They reached 4 and a half meters! That time my partner was different.
My partner was Dhruba. I and Dhruba reached 3 and a half meters.

This is me working in class.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Birds And Nature

Hi everyone! Nice to see you again!

I want to show you a video that were not taking care of the planet.
People are throwing plastic things not in the garbage. They throw plastic
things in the forest too!
So the animals eat plastic. They eat the top of the bottle and much more plastic stuff.
Because they thought it was food and the thing is shiny. Baby animals are dying too! Even their mother. That is a really poor thing. I wish I could help.

Mellodie and her talent

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Mellodie. She wanted to be a singer, because she wanted to be famous and she likes singing. But she does not know what her talent is.  So it all started here.

"Mother," called Mellodie.
"Can you record my voice?" asked Mellodie.
"Why?" said Mom.
"I want to know how my voice is good or bad" said Mellodie.
"Fine", said Mom.

So she recorded, when Mellodie was done, she listened to her voice. It was bad.
 "Mom what is my talent? "I don't know. I will find out my talent. I will try everything!" said Mellodie.
"I think your talent is writing and drawing" said Mom.

Mellodie started to draw and write many.
"Yeay...this is my talent!"
"When I grow up, I will be a film maker! I Will write the story and draw the characters, I'm so happy mother!" said Mellodie, and she lived happily ever after


Monday, 18 November 2013

help each other

This film is so good! It's about working together.

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