Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hi guys!

welcome back!
On Thursday october 24th it is UN DAY.
In my school we can dance on the stage.
Like last year I danced and I also put it in my blog.
Today I and my class danced.
We danced the song of I'm on top of the world.
We made our own dance.
I have a friend called Sofia. She is a new student and
she is very good at dancing.
She went to a dancing competition and she win the 3rd place.
She got a lot of ideas.
Everyone got good ideas. All the boys
does not want to dance so the teacher had an idea.
There will be workers in front of the stage.
They will built a word called on top of the world.
And they won't dance.
But we only need 4 people.
All the boys raise up their hands to be a worker.
the teacher chose Murhaf, Druba,Sai and Jonatan.
The rest of the boys has saying ooooooooo..............
They want to be the workers but the teacher already chosed.
This is the song and video.
We made hearts for showing If you love somebody.
And we made a world and the back of it there will be a smily
Before we danced my friends was very nerves.
They always hoped that is not our turn.
But I was not nerves.
I was ecxited. I always want to be our turn.
At the end we throw our smily face and heart to the audience.
My brother has a smily face.
My friend Doris throw it to my brother.
The UN DAY was short.
Last year was much longer.
We were dancing the last.

When the dance was finished my brother carried the Indonesian flag.
Because we come from Indonesia.

The teacher said that lots of people told him that
they liked our dance the best.
We are proud of ourself.
My friend Ariana her mom said to me that She really liked our dance.

        Bye! See you next time!



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