Thursday, 4 August 2016

My Idol

Hi!!! See you again in cerita aisya's blog!!!!!
this time i wanna tell you guys about my favorite idol.
yes, it's shirin al athrus!
well first of all I want you to know a bout shirin.
in social media, she is known as Shireeenz. yeah, three e zzz.
so shirin really loves the world of fashion.
when she was little she could already combine colors of clothes.
and she also has a sister called Darin. They both really looked the same.
everywhere she goes she wears a hijab.
she also has a simple but nice style on hijab wearing and clothing.
in instagram Shirin has lots of followers.
so how she became famous is that she likes to take photos
of her syle whenever se goes, and put it on social media,
such as instagram, blogger, twitter.

I really want to be like shirin, became a great designer.
shirin also has a blog called
and instagram shireeenz al athrus.
shirin also had been on tv in  "indonesia morning show" when she was 12 years old.
she made a book called "the wonderful world of shirin"

shirin is so famous that she was a commercial star.

hope that I and shirin can met and be bff s one day!


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