Monday, 17 April 2017

My class 8C

Hi! I'm back! Do you miss me? Sorry i rarely update my blog.

So if you know , i am now in 8th grade of 108 junior high school. Actually i've been in grade eight 6 months ago, but now its a new term, the second term. I'm in 8 C. There are eight class in 8th grade, from A to H.

Girls in 8C:

1.   Aisya Armina ( me )
2.   Chantika Putri kusuma
3.   Diah Ratna
4.   Maharani Kusuma Dewi
5.   Novitri Rahmadini Irawan Putri
6.   Noviandayu
7.   Febyola
8.   Difa
9.   Siskah Amelia
10. Devi Laurentia
11. Devi Wulansari
12. Nisa Maulidya Zahra
13. Nayla Ardini
14. Salsabila
15. Nabila Fitriani
16. Nur Taryfah
17. Inesti Wahyu Al-lail
18. Rosjianti Adelia Putri
19. Nada Zahirah

Boys in 8C:
1.   M. Satrio
2.   M. Ragil
3.   M. Islamudin
4.   Baron Bangun Marbun
5.   Arief
6.   Irfan Agus
7.   M. Irfan
8.   Elvan
9.   M. Akbar
10. M. Hamilul
11. Dimas
12. Tyas Nur Afandi
13. Sayid

My best friends are Maharani, Nabila, Inesti.
But if I work in a group I usually work with Inesti, Nabila , Rosjianti, because they're homes are close to my house. We usually work in my house because there is enough space for many people.
In the first term i got the 4th bestest student in class 8C. In class I like english the best because I'm interested in english studies. Well you can say I'm the best in english in my class. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about my teacher in 8C, we call her mam Tini. She is also our english teacher, so she knows me well. In my school at monday morning they always have a ceremony. The students who do the ceremony is rotate from class to class. So all class and students will have a chance to be the people doing the ceremony. I had been the protocol english twice.

Every Tuesday we have to bring a book from home witch we have to read it in the morning, so we will be used on reading books. On wednesday to Rriday at the morning my school has a activity, that is presentation, reading quran, sholat duha. I often do presentation at Thursday when it has to be engish presentation. I sometimes do story telling. On Wednesday there are some presentation from some students about social sience. And on Friday there will be a speech from one student about islam.

At school I got a scholarship from school that is english courses. The scholarship was to be selected from the best students from school. I was selected because english teachers know I often presentation in front in english. So at first there was 40 students selected, after the second election that is speaking and solving qusetion, there were 15 students that are finally won the scholarship.

I also had been selected for joining a story telling contest that goes for all the schools in Jakarta.
But I was unlucky that time, I lose in the competition. There were many students who was good at story telling. And i've also been selected to join the short story competition in Indonesian. But I lose.



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