Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Brooke The Photographer Fairy

One day Kristy and Rachel went to the photographer fashion show
to take some pictures together. There were lots of green plants and it was a sunny day.
When it was Kristy and Rachel's turn, they both were ready to take their photo.
But just then when they took their photo, kristy's hair blew in front of her face.
Suddenly the sky became dark and the wind blow hard.
So Rachel and Kristy went inside and met with Brooke the photographer fairy.
Brooke needed help of those two because Jackfrost stole Brooke's magic camera.
While it's missing the photographer can go wrong.

Then they went to find Jackfrost.
They saw Jackfrost being a model!!!
They took photos with Brooke's magical camera.
Rachel had an idea! They both turned into little fairies
and they three were flying and holding a kite towards Jack cost.
Jack frost run until he was cornered. He refused to bring back
the camera, and the photographer festivel can start!



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