Sunday, 3 August 2014

secret zoo

hello guys!

I and my family went to malang with a plane to see my grandparents.
ecxept my father. he's comming to malang 3n weeks later with a car.
that will take about 2 days to come here.
when my father came it was his birthday.
my cousin naila and her family came to malang with my dad.
she is going to sleep in a hotel. the day after my dad's birthday we
went to secret zoo. naila's familyt also went to secret zoo.
Inside we saw animals. there was also bats. we can give the bats fruit
called pepaya. We went to an aquarium. inside there was a puffer fish,
sharks, star fishes, sea shells, lopster.
then i went to a room of reptiles.
there were lots and lots of frogs and snakes.
did you know that snakes can eat a kanggaroo!!!!!!?????
there was also a pool for kids but it was closed because they were repair it.

                                                         This is my sister and a tiger.
                                   This is a picture of me, danish, maritza, and naila.
                                                we are making the elephant to come near us.
                                                   This is me and my family.


Aisya said...

Hi everyone !
this is my blog and I made all this stories.
did you know today 4 agust it is
jhon venn's 180 birthday.

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